Special events

Listening To The Heart

Connecting to our creative wisdom

A full day Creative & Contemplative Day Retreat To Find Your Focus Word For 2024

Allowing nature to be a source of inspiration, in offering us a focus and new awareness in our everyday life.

Discover, Clarify, Plan, Live

Enjoy gentle yoga , meditations, nature walk, delicious nourishing food & sound

Come home with a focus word for 2024

   Sunday      Jan 28th        2024

9.30 am -3.30 pm

      Restful Waters 

         Yoga Studio

         64 Canns Rd 


cost $150

An Autumn Not For Profit Retreat For Women in Balingup
Friday 15th March - Monday 18th March

origins inside

Join me for a very special 4 day retreat for women, and discover  the inner harvest of your heart in the picturesque upper reaches of the Blackwood valley of Balingup.

The retreat offers respite from the demands of daily life, inviting you to reconnect with all that you are, and rememberthe joy and power that is present when women come together.

This blissful 4 day retreat invites us to deepen our connection to ourselves, each other & our beloved Mother Earth, with dynamic and restorative earth based yoga and Celtic practices, beautiful meditative walks and sound baths

Loca iconic Mr Fosters, formally known as the ‘Packing Shed’ will be providing us with delicious, seasonal healthy vegetarian produce to nourish our senses,cells and soul

Yoga teacher, Mary Doyle , will be guiding our early morning yoga sessions with her soulful gentle yoga practice.

Artist and  sound practitioner, Lynette Macfarlane from Balingup will be joining us on Friday and Sunday evening for a delicious relaxing sound bath and yoga nidra.

The Venue

The origins centre is a registered charitable, not-for-profit centre which was founded in 1983. it is a respite, retreat and community activity centre located just outside the town of Balingup 2.5 – 3 hours south west of Perth.

the building was built using the timbers from the old Bunbury wharf. the rotunda is a beautiful, spacious eight-sided meeting room where we’ll be doing yoga and mindfulness activities. The rotunda was originally at Graylands hospital in Perth. the beautiful world peace pagoda here was built with friends from the wa myanmar (Burmese) c reached with a gentle walk.

The Autumn Equinox

The retreat will draw upon the energies of the Autumn Equinox which takes place just two days after we close our retreat. Autumn Equinox or Mabon as it is known in Celtic traditions, is when we celebrate the equilibrium of day and night, the balance of masculine and feminine energies within and without. The theme around of the Autumn Equinox is one of gratitude and sharing as we offer thanks to the Earth, and the life forces that sustain us and celebrate the second harvest of the year. We also begin reflecting on how hopes and intentions set at the start of the year have manifested and get clear on what we need to shed or complete before planting seeds of intention for the remainder of the year. It’s a beautiful time of year to gather and feast on the fruits of harvest.

Sample Schedule

· Early Morning meditation

· Gentle Hatha Yoga (with Mary Doyle)

· Breakfast

· Dharma talk and activity

· Free time

· Lunch

· Nature walk on the Bibbimun track

· Afternoon tea

· Free time

· Dinner

· Dharma talk

· Yin Yoga /Metta gratitude meditation

· Sound Bath

· Retire to Bed

About The Event

Join us during the Autumn Equinox and learn to live seasonally.

I truly love the transition into autumn, the subtle shift in weather, the change in light, the colours. I welcome it all.


It is a time to reflect on the warm days of summer, and then turning our attention towards preparing for the winter ahead. We can do this for our life, as well. We call it ‘living seasonally’. At Mabon, the autumn equinox, we reflect on our goals and dreams, feel gratitude for the accomplishments (our fruit) that we’ve made (harvested), also a time to give gratitude to the things & the people we have in our lives and then look forward to any changes we still wish to make in our lives. In addition to gratitude, this celebration is a time to get grounded & find balance in your life. Take a moment to slow down and listen inwardly to your body, spirit & heart.


What are you waiting for? Coming join us for the celebration of abundance, balance, release & appreciation!

Total cost is $450.00

This includes all meals, accomodation and 2 sound baths and all teachings, yoga and activities.


$150 deposit is required to secure your booking

$150 payment by Sunday 11th March

$150 balance by Sunday 3rd March

If you are unable to pay the suggested payment I can offer you a modified payment plan.

please note cancellation policy

Bookings cancelled more than 4 weeks before the retreat will receive 50% refund . Bookings cancelled less than 4 weeks before the retreat are non refundable . * You can pass your spot onto someone else or if there is someone on the waiting list who takes up your space, you’ll be refunded.


***As the retreat approaches, more details will be emailed out to all attendees. Reach out with any questions at dinamay@bigpond.com.